After lunch, Heather will take you through a meditation to connect with your inner donkey to help you embrace the wise (uhm) fool in you (don't want to disrespect the donkeys by their commonly referred to term) so you can have the crazy courage to manifest your life with passion. She will also do a journalling/self-reflective exercise and give mini-soul readings to each person to help you expand your understanding of your soul path and how to integrate it in your daily life.

What do donkeys, cooking and intuition have to do with each other?  They are all connected to 3 awesome child-free women who are living their passions. And they want to share their journey with you so you can live yours.

​If you want to:
-expand your courage to live and express your passions
-feel supported with others who get you
-get practical tips on how to create a more passionate life
-feel inspired by others' journeys
-energetically shift and feel guided towards where you need to be next with your passions

Then this self-discovery day for child-free women is for you. 

It offers 3 mini-workshops throughout the day, to help you feel nourished, grounded and connected.

A vegetarian lunch, snacks and tea/coffee will be provided

Early Bird rate: $125+HST if register before October 25th; Regular Rate: $140+HST

At 3 p.m.

At 1 p.m.

​​To begin our day together, Louise will guide the group in the creation of a nourishing lunch featuring the seasonal bounty of the local area.  Discover how simple it can be to nourish yourself with delicious plant-based foods.  Leave with more confidence that you can embrace this aspect of self-care.  She will also share her personal journey of living her passions and there will be a chance to gab about your plans and ideas while you get your hands in the mix.

Nourish Your Inner Donkey:

A Self-discovery Day for Child-free Women to Create a Passionate Life

Sun Nov. 12th

​10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ting and Co. Donkey Sanctuary

Bobcaygeon, ON

Meet Your Facilitators

My name is Heather Embree and I am a holistic life coach and soul consultant. And I have a fur friend dog named Max.  I am a child-free woman by choice who knew from a young age that I wanted to do other things with my life than raise and take care of children. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and the Earth, and come into my own potential. 

​​In the past 7 years, I have served over 1,500 clients as a seer/medium, energy healing practitioner and Soul Coach around the world to help them feel more expansive, inspired and connected to their truth.  I am a professionally trained Medical Intuitive, Medium, Reiki Master and Clearing Practitioner. I am also certified as a Stress Management Coach. 

At 10 a.m.

Louise Racine created Thirteen Moons Wellnessin 2001 to support women who want to achieve balance and harmony in their lives.  As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, cookbook author and culinary educator, Louise inspires clients to improve their health and well-being through nutrition and self-care.  Louise knew from an early age that being child free would be the right choice for her even though she adores being a devoted aunt and great-aunt.

Thirteen Moons Wellness offers a comfortable rural retreat space for women to getaway on their own or with friends. Programmed workshops and retreats with skilled facilitators and a community of women who are making their self-care a priority.  Guests may also opt to indulge in a variety of other wellness services during their stay.

A sanctuary for child-free women

​to create more satisfying relationships

in all areas of their lives

In the last part of the day, Pam Koekebakker of Ting and Co. the host at the donkey sanctuary,  we will serve us a tea party with the donkeys. We will be able to share casually with each other our insights from the previous activitiy, and brainstorm practical solutions to make it all happen in our lives. Pam will share with us her journey to working with donkeys and the wisdom they have for us.  Chilling in a natural setting and letting the heart and soul connect does wonders for feeling supported in making a passionate contribution to the world.

Self-discovery Days Near Peterborough

My name is Pam.  I am a passionate high school biology and memory-capturing teacher, donkey rescued and rescuer, planter of sunflowers and moonbeam tomatoes, provider of a beautiful place to lay your head and kayak off into the sunset, an artist of unique and wonderful creations, inspired by and inspiring Wally-lama, and I just hiked the stunningly-beautiful and utterly-challenging West Coast Trail.

I wouldn't say I am a childfree woman of choice, but I wouldn't say I am disappointed in being one either. I am a believer in, "If it happens, it is meant to be, and if it doesn't, then that is my path."  I never had that fairytale dream of being married and having babies when I was younger.  The thought of having a child grow inside of me and then enter the world though me, was both miraculous and puzzling.  As a biology teacher, I find everything from the creation of gametes to the creation of a appropriate looking offspring magic, no matter the species.  But as a human walking in the world, I find it puzzling in all kinds of ways.  In my 27 years of teaching, I have taught thousands of kids - being more of a substitute parent to some along the way.  I dearly love giving my nieces and nephews and other young connections in our lives another version of family to come to when they need us.  And every furry beast I have come across in my life, I have fallen in love with.  Our family of donkeys is where I know I am to spend every ounce of nurturing I have within me.  They are our children - and I know this is my path.